Saja is one of the nine Fellows of International Young Professionals Foundation – selected among 130 applicants worldwide

Sharing2Change: IYPF Fellowship 2017-2018

In July 2017 the IYPF relaunched the fellowship programme under the slogan ‘Sharing2Change’. Over 130 promising young leaders around the world have applied and just 9 of them were selected, following a multi-stage process of peer-review, interviews and negotiations with IYPF partners for the Sharing2Change fellowship. The most decisive criteria to filter the candidacies included: commitment of the leader to participate fully and actively in the programme, potential to contribute to the IYPF, their local community and the world, clear vision about a locally impactful project that IYPF and partner organisations will support. The below candidates were vested with the IYPF fellowship ‘Sharing2Change’ 2017-2018:
 Meryll Martin
 Sarang Shaikh
 Dominic Nsikan
 Aslam Saja A.M.
 Naoufal EL Hammoumi
 Sara Abdel Malak Hanna
 Ashley Mouton
 Fridah Ndoro
 Ajimokunola Babatunde Alfred