2019 ProSPER.Net Young Researchers’ School

Saja was selected among 16 young scholars  2019 ProSPER.Net Young Researchers’ School (YRS). The ProSPER.Net Secretariat was very impressed with the quality of applicants, with 49 applications received from across 19 ProSPER.Net member universities. Sixteen participants have been selected to participate in the School, to be hosted by Universitas Gadjah Mada from 3-12 March, 2019...

Saja joins commonwealth futures climate research cohort 2023-24

Saja joined in a global platform on climate change among the 20 Global #commonwealth Futures Climate Research Cohort 2023/24. 20 early career researchers (ECRs), from ten priority countries (Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka), have embarked on a one-year applied training and development programme. I will be working in...

Saja facilitated a workshop for youth discussing the Sustainable Development Goals and the challenges in its implementation last Saturday —————++————–++————– ++—–

Great learning and capacity building shown by young leaders. They enjoyed a simulation exercise on debating the affordable energy crisis (#SDG7) and #SDG16 – peace, justice and strong institutions to promote social cohesion#SDGs#sdg2030#youthempowerment10 Billion Strong#sdg16#sdg7#sustainabledevelopmentgoals#sdglk This program is supported by the HOPE OF YOUTH project of Ampara district in collaboration with GCERF HELVETAS and #GAFSO.

Second Convening of CACN New Delhi – Feb 2023

Saja attended the second convening of Climate Action Champions Network (CACN), New Delhi. The full cohort of the CACN Network of 5 countries, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Bhutan & Sri Lanka, at the opening event. Observer Research Foundation Gen Lab Sri Lanka Development Journalist Forum #cacn


Vasantham – Interview on disaster resilience

Vasantham – Interview on disaster resilience #2