Participated in 25 international training/conferences/seminars held in 16 countries, in addition to over 30 training programs locally held in Sri Lanka.

Title of international training programs include: PCM, M&E, DRR, Humanitarian response, Community approaches, Research skills…

  1. Summer School, Brown International Advance Research Institute (BIARI), Watson Institute, Brown University, USA
  2. R2HC project by ELRAH with Boston University, USA, Nepal Field Visit
  3. International Conference on Mountain Cities, Climate Change and Urban Sustainability/ 1st Chandigarh Climate Meet at Chandigarh, India
  4. International Training Workshop on Integrated Risk Assessment Methods Using Spatial and Social Vulnerability Data for Disaster Risk Reduction in Sanya, China
  5. Young Researchers School, ProsperNet, United Nations University, Japan, held in Yogjakarta, Indonesia
  6. 2020 TeLL-Net Forum, Kobe, Japan
  7. Community Solutions Program, Department of State, Washington DC/Chicago, USA
  8. AI-SOCD Heat Stress Sensors, Early Warning and Information Technology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
  9. Water Resources in Arid Areas: The Way forward, the Water Research Center, held at Sultan Qaboos University Conference Hall, Oman
  10. Advanced Information Research Skills, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
  11. ECHO Framework Partnership Agreement, Pundo-sud/IPSI/MDF, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  12. E-tools (ECHO electronic system), Pundo-sud, IPSI & MDF Europe, Bangkok, Thailand.
  13. ECHO Regional Seminar, New Delhi, India.
  14. ECHO Regional Seminar, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  15. ECHO Experts seminar/European Development Days, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.
  16. Humanitarian Negotiators Training Course (HNTC-5), CIHC-USA/Penang Medical College, Penang, Malaysia.
  17. International Humanitarian Law (IHL) ICRC/ National University of Malaysia (UKM), Kulalumpur, Malaysia.
  18. Protection training, ECHO, New Delhi, India.
  19. Hostile Environment Training Awareness (HEAT), Geos/ECHO, Bangkok, Thailand.
  20. Personal Safety and communication, RedR Aus/Dookie campus, Melbourne, Australia.
  21. Nutrition Awareness training, ACF India/ECHO, Kathmandu, Nepal
  22. Emergency Market Mapping Analysis (EMMA), Practical Action, New Delhi, India
  23. 15th Regional course in CBDRM, ADPC Bangkok, Thailand
  24. Certificate course, ”Multi Hazard Risk Assessment”, ITC-Associated institute United Nations University, Enschade, The Netherlands
  25. CBDRM manual development (Course and trainers guide), RedR India, Pune, India
  26. Regional conference on DIPECHO, Kathmandu, Nepal
  27. WASH Coordination platform – SA/SEAP, RECA Project, UNICEF, Bangkok
  28. Climate Action Champions Network South Asia ORF India/US Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal
  29. Dealing with the past Swiss Peace/OFDA Embassy of Switzerland, Bern, Switzerland
  30. Volunteer – Emergency Services Australian Red Cross, Brisbane, Australia
  31. Workshop on personal leadership development plan preparation Department of State/IREX USA, Washington DC, USA
  32. Induction workshop on community leadership Department of State/IREX USA, Washington DC, USA
  33. e-GRAD School Advance Module on Critical and Creative Thinking [50 Hours] Queensland University of Technology, Australia/Australian Technology Network of Universities, Brisbane, Australia
  34. Introduction to Research module, part of PhD program Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Brisbane, Australia

National (In Sri Lanka): 

Title of the short course/workshop/seminarsInstituteTime period
Volunteer National Review – Sustainable Development Goals Sri Lanka 2022Sustainable Development Council Sri Lanka/UNDP/Eastern Provincial CouncilMarch 2022
Participant in the “Sendai Spring – Risk to Resilience” conference, Colombo, Sri LankaA-PAD/CHA/ADRRN/DMCFebruary 2016
7th International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment [ICSBE 2016]Green Building Council of Sri Lanka/UoP/UoM/UoRDec 2016
Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education/Induction Program for Academic Staff [150 Hrs.]SDC/HETC, SEUSLNov 2015
Writing a winning research proposal: a definitive guideSDC/SEUSL, Young Scientist Forum, NASTEC Sri LankaOct 2015
Research MethodologyResearch Innovation Centre/SDC, SEUSLNov 2014
Business Edge – Training of TrainersIFC/World Bank GroupDec 2013
Outcome Based Education/Student Centred LearningIESL/HETC, UGCAug 2013
Project Management Best Practices WorkshopUNOPS/PMIJan 2013
Training Course on First AidSri Lanka Red Cross Society – ColomboOct 2012
Plain EnglishThe British CouncilAug 2011
Fire Awareness TrainingSafety and Leisure Training Middle EastNov 2010
Tokyo Development Learning Center, World Bank/ The University of Southern QueenslandRapid Design of eLearning ProgramsMar 2010
Managing Projects in EmergenciesRedR UK/Oxford Brookes University (5M credit for masters)Apr 2010
Managing People in EmergenciesRedR UK/Oxford Brookes University (5M credit for masters)Apr 2010
Introduction to conflict sensitivityRedR UK/CS Project funded by DFIDApr 2010
HAP 2007 Standard in Humanitarian Accountability and Quality ManagementLutheran World ReliefJul 2009
RedR Membership InterviewersRedR UK in Sri LankaNov 2008
FM 8 – Successful Grants ManagementRedR/Mango, UKNov 2008
BE2: Budgeting for project proposalsRedR/Mango, UKNov 2008
Asia-Pacific regional short course on Essentials of Humanitarian NegotiationUNHCR e-centre-JapanJul 2008
Coaching and Facilitation SkillsRedR UK in Sri LankaJul 2007
Sphere and Training of TrainersRedR UK in Sri LankaNov 2006
CPA 5 – Participatory Monitoring and EvaluationRedR UK in Sri LankaNov 2006
CPA 4 – Designing Community Based ProjectsRedR UK in Sri LankaOct 2006
CPA 3 – Community Participatory PlanningRedR UK in Sri LankaSep 2006
CPA 2 – Community Participatory Assessment ToolsRedR UK in Sri LankaAug 2006
CPA 1 – Introduction to Community Participatory ApproachesRedR UK in Sri LankaJul 2006
Training of Trainers workshopRedR UK in Sri LankaMar/May 2006
Emergency Preparedness workshopRedR-IHE in Sri LankaNov 2005
Leadership & Life skills Training ProgramLaurel Leadership & Life Skill Training Academy of Sri LankaSep 2005
Certification training on Project Management [35 Hours]Singapore Informatics Sri Lanka/ PMI USAJul 2005
50 hours course in English Language [Upper Intermediate 7]The British CouncilApr-Jun 2000
Stockholm+50 National Consultation: Academia & Research Institutions [Online]Ministry of Environment, Sri Lanka UNDPApril 2022
Solutions Summit – 2022 [Online]IREX/CSPApril 2022