Saja carried out a needs assessment of the most vulnerable locations in Batticaloa district

Saja completed a needs assessment field exercise 10 GN divisions in 3 DS divisions in Batticaloa district. This assessment aims to conduct a thorough survey,
employing appropriate tools and methods, to evaluate the needs and areas of vulnerability in specific locations in Batticaloa.

Study locations
 Karadiyanaru (Eravur Pattu DS division) – 1 GN division
 Kiran East and West (Koralai Pattu South DS division) – 2 GN divisions
 Iruthayapuram East, West and Central (Manmunai North DS division) – 3 GN divisions
 Chenkalady 1 and Chenkalady 2 (Eravur Pattu DS division) – 2 GN divisions
 Komathurai West and Komathurai North (Eravur Pattu DS division) – 2 GN divisions