#GSSR Green, Safe, Sustainable, & Resilience Cities – Awareness project

1.#Brisbane city solar powered information panels, Harnessing renewable sources















2. Innovative 40 ft long giant humanoids festival. Fun, leisure. Reflect how you think about art, city, and world

3. Cycling.. A healthier & eco- friendly way to roam around a city, while burning calories .. citycyles

4. Healthy people for healthy society & city – Cardiac stepper open gym in an open park

5. Brisbane – An Australia’s new world city Example – 1 bus= 50 cars & 1 train 600 cars

6. Use bin to throw your rubbish or take rubbish with you! Work together to keep city clean and make it a livable place for next generation

7. High-quality learning/education hub -78,000 international students of 2 million population.

8. Prayers, good vibes, happy thoughts to those people affected A multi-faith prayer together for peace

9. . : 2morrow the Australia’s biggest fireworks displays . Keeping people together.