A guest talk on SDGs to engineers by IESL

Saja delivered a guest talk to engineers and engineering Students on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – A local perspective for engineers – tomorrow at 10.00 AM via Zoom. Around 40 engineers participated in the talk.


Engineers are key stakeholders in various development initiatives at national, regional, and local levels. The job and work of engineers are increasingly becoming multi-faceted and inter-disciplinary. Some of the key contribution of engineers include; developing a healthy society and contribute to the productive development growth, provision of access to reliable and affordable energy systems, provision of access to clean water and sanitation, and building resilient infrastructure, transport systems, and industries. These sectors are also important pillars of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The sustainability and resilience concepts have strong root in engineering science. There have been wide range of engineering approaches to promote sustainability and resilience concepts. They have now become more prominence in a complex and challenging development context across the globe. The aim of this talk is to provide an overview of SDG2030 and orient engineers and engineering students towards their active contribution in achieving SDGs in local, regional, and national development initiatives.

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