The World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development 2021 was held at the Faculty of Engineering, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Oluvil on 4th March 2021 from 5.00pm to 7.00pm. The event was organized in collaboration with the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka South Eastern University Student Chapter and moderated by the IESL Liaison Officer Eng. (Dr.) A.M.A. Saja. The final year students and the academic staff of South Eastern University participated in this event.

Eng. (Dr). S.M. Junaideen, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka graced the occasion as the chief guest and delivered the keynote address on the World Engineering Day theme – Engineering for a Healthy Planet.

Natural resources are rapidly being used in the world today. The global issue that we faced today can see overwhelming too much for any person, any organization, or any government to tackle. As we size up the global challenges, we faced from advising gender equality to eliminating poverty. It is crucial to recognize that these issues do not exist in silos. For instance, the progress we have made on issues related to health and security is exacerbated by climate changes. By looking at these challenges holistically, we have a better chance at making progress on a range of issues, including improving access to food and clear water. How will we track our progress and know that we have accomplished our goals? That is where the Sustainable Development goals come in a framework designed by the United Nations for “Peace and prosperity for both people and the planet.”

“At the end of the day, we are trying to change lives” said S.M.Junaideen, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.

During this event, the launch of the UNESCO Engineering report and the IESL panel discussion on “TOWARDS ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS: THE INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES” were live-streamed to the participants.