SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL (SDG 11): ‘SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES’ – ENGINEERS MUST ACT FAST TO GET IT RIGHT BY ENG. (DR.) SAJA A. A. MAJEED The pace of urbanisation across the world has been dramatic over the past century. In 1900, there were 12 cities in the world with populations over one million. Today, there are more than 900 such cities and 35 ‘mega-cities’ with more than 10 million inhabitants (Andrew...

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGs) – HOW CAN ENGINEERS CONTRIBUTE TO ATTAIN QUALITY EDUCATION IN OUR SOCIETY? Education is fundamental to every human being that contribute to develop a healthy and progressive society. Every profession in this world is built on quality education at different levels based on set of qualifications and their respective attributes in a professional environment. The SDG link to Engineering Education, and more largely STEM education...


Vasantham – Interview on disaster resilience

Vasantham – Interview on disaster resilience #2