Meet Sri Lankan Researcher — Abdul Majeed Aslam Saja

What are you currently working on or worked on before?
research on resilience and risk management.
What encouraged you to pursue your research topic?
My passion for community work to find solutions to community-based problems and the turning point was the 2004 Tsunami disaster in my hometown.
What is the name of your current institute?
The South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.
Where do you find your best inspiration for your work?
Working with disadvantaged youth and community
Can you share with us some of your publications?
you can find my publications here.
What’s one of your biggest personal achievements so far?
Was able to excel in all three dimensions — research (Ph.D.), policy (worked with donor agency), and practice (worked in the humanitarian sector in an international organization).
What lessons would you share with a budding researcher?
Research methods, successful ways for research publications, good research writing tips, get to the top in publishing in high-quality journals, how to get started your research career, Path to Ph.D., writing winning research proposals.
What motivated you to be a researcher?
To innovate new sustainable solutions to the problems faced by communities.
If there is a chance, will you help build research in Sri Lanka?
Yes, of course. I have many ideas for research. However, it is difficult to find research interns who would be really interested to produce high-quality research outputs.
According to your opinion, what are the changes that the Sri Lankan education system needs to do, in order to meet the requirement of the international industry and academia?
Focusing on community/industry-oriented research, inculcate entrepreneurship culture, innovation to excel, ethical leadership, teaching moral and value-based education.
Sustainable Education Foundation

Sustainable Education Foundation

Oct 11, 2020·2 min read